Forrest Fire in trees

100 Feet – That’s the law.  Are you ready?

California state law requires the defensible space clearance around homes and structures from 30 feet to 100 feet. Proper clearance to 100 feet dramatically increases the chance of a structure surviving a wildfire. This defensible space also provides for firefighter in the event of a wildland fire.

Defensible Space is your property’s front line defense against wildfire.

Creating and maintaining defensible space around your home can dramatically increase your home’s chance of surviving a wildfire and improves the safety of firefighters defending your property.


ZONE 1:  30 feet of Lean, Clean & Green
    • Remove all dead plants, grass and weeds.
    • Remove dead or dry leaves and pine needles from your yard, roof and rain gutters.
    • Keep tree branches 10 feet away from your chimney and other trees.
    • Relocate wood piles into Zone 2.
    • Remove or prune flammable plants and shrubs near windows.
    • Remove vegetation and items that could catch fire from around and under decks.
    • Create a separation between trees, shrubs and items that could catch fire, such as patio furniture, wood piles, swing sets, etc.

ZONE 2:  30–100 feet of Reduced Fuel
    • Cut or mow annual grass down to a maximum height of 4 inches.
    • Create horizontal spacing between shrubs and trees.
    • Create vertical spacing between grass, shrubs and trees.
    • Remove fallen leaves, needles, twigs, bark, cones and small branches.

Plant and Tree Spacing
The spacing between grass, shrubs, and trees is crucial to reduce the spread of wildfires. The spacing needed is determined by the type and size of brush and trees, as well as the slope of the land. For example, a property on a steep slope with larger vegetation requires greater spacing between trees and shrubs than a level property that has small, sparse vegetation.

Vertical Spacing
Allow extra vertical space between shrubs and trees. Lack of vertical space can allow a fire to move from the ground to the brush to the tree tops like a ladder.


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