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We service all areas of Amador County, Alpine County and Calaveras County.

Mastication and Mulching is a cost effective and efficient method of quickly removing natural fire hazards from your property.

Timber Ridge Clearing is a small company with extensive experience in land management services. We are based in Pioneer, CA.



We travel to you and and provide a great service, at a reasonable price, in a time frame agreed upon. We work with other contractors and subcontractors as required to complete your project in a timely manner.

Brush and Land Clearing – We eliminate the need for burning and fire hazards. Timber Ridge Clearing is an Eco friendly forestry mulching brush cutting business associated with preventive fire maintenance to healthy forest. No expensive labor to haul materials away. Our service enhanced land value, enjoyment, and curb appeal – whether you’re in the market to sell or just want things to look good.

Roads and Trails Opened – Having trouble getting around your property. We can assist in opening up the property and clearing trails and roads for walking, biking or utility vehicles. Need to get a horse or utility trailer to a place on your property but no way there? We can clear the area and make it ready for a road.

Fence Line Enhancement – Has it been years since you’ve seen that fence you installed? Clearing a fence line provides many tangible benefits. You can easily see what’s there or where repairs are needed. It also removes places to hide for would-be bad guys or others.

Defensible Spaces – When wild fires threaten, resources are allocated based on a number of factors. When push comes to shove, fire personnel will take up positions to defend structures that offer some degree of success. Creating fire breaks and defensible spaces give our brave first responders a fighting chance of saving your home or buildings.

Fire Breaks – Fire are often stopped in their tracks by fire breaks. Fire personnel look for places they can stop and defend against a fast encroaching fire. Part of hazard mitigation are fire breaks and defensible space. Should your property be threatened by a fire you should have appropriate fire breaks and defensible spaces.

Mastication / Mulching – We utilize mastication / mulching techniques in the forest to improve land health, reduce wildfire threats and provide healthy habitats for wildlife.

Understanding Timber Ridge Land and Brush Clearing – Mastication and Mulching

  • Clears Trees and Brush
  • Utility Line and Right-of-Way Maintenance
  • Site Preparation
  • General Maintenance
  • Firebreaks
  • Lot Cleaning
  • Property Maintenance
  • Fuel Reduction 

Mastication is a fuel reduction treatment method used in land and forestry management to reduce wildfire risk, to reduce fuel loads by returning the forest to natural conditions. Masticating fuels, or mulching, involves the reduction of vegetation into small chunks and is one of the many ways forest lands are thinned.  The benefits include opening the canopy and forest floor, which provides the remaining trees access to more nutrients, sunlight and water. When trees are crowded together, there’s competition for sunlight and water.  As a result they tend to be less healthy.  Mastication can assist in removing some trees in the early stages, to allow the remaining trees to grow faster, stronger and larger.


Overgrown hillside

Cleared hillside










Examples of overgrown, or wild growth.

Why Mulching?
  • No holes to fill
  • No stumps sticking up
  • No piles to burn
  • Topsoil stays in place
  • Organic matter is placed in to soil to enrich it
  • Moisture retention in solid
  • Less regrowth of vegetation

Land and brush clearing along with mulching create more stable soil. Water filtration increases with less runoff. Dust, allergen and pathogens decline. Ground and surface water improve. Wildlife habitat improves. Traditional land clearing methods of cut and burn provide none of the benefits that mulching does. It also pollutes the environment – not only the air but the residual materials and ash must go somewhere.

Over the past decade, forest clearing with mastication methods have dramatically reduced wildfire. Land and brush clearing with a masticator is similar to a wood chipper – it’s mounted on an excavator type tractor, which moves through the area to grind or chip trees and brush, leaving the chips behind.  The masticator head, often termed the cutting head, is mounted horizontally, as is the case with our equipment. We specialize in taking overgrown land and return them to a natural state.

  • Our machines and crews can get the job done fast.
  • We’re efficient and have a low impact on the landscape.
  • We operate our equipment in an environmentally effective manner.  
  • Our equipment is maintained to the highest standards.


Timber Ridge brush clearing equipment in action

Timber Ridge Clearing Unit In Action


For many years, natural fire cycles have been altered, changing the character of many fire-adapted ecosystems and increasing wild land fire risk. The use of controlled burn is typically the least expensive option to managing fire adapted land, but there are many areas where controlled burns can’t be used.  High fuel loads, air quality restrictions, weather conditions and risk of escaped fire are all factors that limit the use of controlled burns. 

Timber Ridge Clearing offers a low environmental impact solution.

Brush clearing Bobcat video
See a Bobcat T770 in Action at YouTube    Click the photo to see the machine in action.