Stump Removal and Grinding
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Typically a tree removal service will leave the stumps for you to take care of. You can choose to leave the stump in place, remove it yourself or hire a professional company to take care of the work. There are a few ways to remove a stump – you can manually remove it by digging it out, chemically treat it, burn it, blow it up, or grind it out.

Why remove stumps? The stumps left behind from tree removal are unsightly and take up valuable space, can be a hazard and attract pest such as termites and carpenter ants. Yes, you can leave it to nature but that could take years (and years!).






Stump Removal

• Manual Method of stump removal and grinding – Manually removing the stump requires patience, strength, tools, lots of ice for the back, and time. Yes, a small stump can be removed the good old-fashion way with lots of muscle work. Larger stumps require more work, more time and possibly the use of equipment.  The older the stump after the tree has been felled, the easier it typically is to remove. Regardless, it’s lots of work. You can also elect to use chemicals to assist in the process

• Chemical Method – An easier and much slower method is to use chemicals to cause decay and rotting of the stump. Using chemicals is a multi-step process that can take a year or longer and you still must manually remove the remnants of the stump.

• Burning Method – There are multiple methods of burning a tree stump. The most common is to cause decay with chemicals and then burn it out. This it typically a cheap and easy way to get rid of stumps. However, you have to stick around and maintain control of the fire, you’re restricted to burn seasons and local restrictions – and it contributes to air pollution.

• Blow it up – While many would like to simply blow it out of the ground, that’s best left to professionals and it’s probably costly and legally prohibitive.

• Grinding – Stump removal by grinding is normally the preferred method. You can sometimes rent stump grinding machines but they’re costly and dangerous. The better way is to hire a professional company like Timber Ridge Clearing.

FREE ESTIMATES – We prefer to visit a site and provide you with an estimate to do the work. Why not just tell you over the phone what it would cost? Good question. Because every job is different, as are expectations. We need to know what work is involved along with the project. Are there glass doors near the stump that require protection. Can we get our equipment to the site? Is this a one or two person job? What’s the terrain? Is there a swimming pool that needs to be covered? All these questions need to be answered, and more.

STUMP REMOVAL and GRINDING PROCESS Pricing is based upon your location, the type and size of the stump plus all the items listed above. Stump grinding is pretty straight forward. We use a large round blade with carbide teeth that spins and chips away at the stump until what’s left is below ground level. We then proceed to work from side to side and front to back until all that remains is a pile of chips. We typically rake the chips into a nice pile but can make arrangements to have them removed.