Residential and Commercial Land Clearing
Counties Served: Alpine, Amador, Calaveras and El Dorado

Timber Ridge Clearing, LLC. provides residential and commercial land clearing using a process known as Mastication, which means chewing up the brush and small trees into chips of various sizes. This method of brush clearing is popular and reduces fuels. When mastication is completed, there is typically no need for burning. It provides excellent ground cover. Mastication is considered a Green Method of land clearing.

Mastication clears brush and mulches brush and clears smaller unwanted trees. This method of land clearing leaves the soil structure intact reduces erosion and eliminates most run-off pollution. Our machine can normally mulch smaller trees to the ground, leaving the root structure untouched. Larger trees can be professionally removed and stump grinding takes it down to below ground level.

Residential and Commercial Land Clearing

  • Specialty Brush Removal
  • Fire Hazard Fuels Reduction (Fire Mitigation)
  • Log and Debris Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Residential and Commercial Land Clearing Services

Why clear brush and land?

  • Increases property value.
  • Makes it easier to list property.
  • Great curb appeal making sales easier.
  • Increases visibility.
  • Opens areas and create better views.
  • Creates more usable and recreational space.
  • Clears right of ways.
  • Provides fire breaks.
  • Clears alternate exit routes and fire suppression entry.
  • Provides defensible space around structures.
  • Reduces risk of the spread of fire.
  • May be required of Homeowners Insurance.
  • And … It simply looks good upon completion!


    Property before brush clearing




    Pioneer Property in Amador Pines  prior to brush clearing by Timber Ridge. View is from the road.








    Pioneer Property prior to brush cleaning



    Same Amador Pines property in Pioneer, CA as viewed from driveway. Note the growth of seedlings and small trees along with an abundance of pine needles. Left as is the area was unsightly and a fire hazard. 









    Amador Pines Property clear of brush



This is the same area in the Amador Pines area of Pioneer after work by the team at Timber Ridge Clearing. Note the clean look of the area, reduction of fire material and cleared area. The homeowner decided to use a tractor and rake the area and now has a park-like setting.







  • One Project – One Provider
    Timber Ridge Clearing works with and contract to other professionals to provide you with a complete project managed by Timber Ridge Clearing. If your project requires land clearing or stump grinding, contact us for a free estimate to get the whole project done.

Counties Served
Alpine, Amador, Calaveras and El Dorado